Monday, December 27, 2010


Lets see, Hi my name is JESUS GONZALEZ (i know right so mexican) gross anyways still love my self because god has given me the most Awesome mind i came to know yet . So lets see I love , Fashion, art,music these three things inspire me to make something new in my mind, god gave me a awesome visual mind but no artistic ability ,but that doesn't mean I'm a artist ! Wait i just contradicted myself wtf hahah .. anyways , I love blonde girls, pale skin, pale pink, vocal house music and soundtracks from all kinds of movies, i love nature ,gloomy weather , Renaissance time period, writing in my journal, watching documentaries on the history channel and discovery channel, i love stupid reality  tv shows like Paris Hilton my new bff , my mind are these three people combined , Tim Burton,Paris Hilton, and Alexander McQueen witch is dark mysterious ,  glamorous ,fashionable, cocky, rich, dark old ancient Gothic ,and romantic Victorian is so awesome anyways as i post more blogs you will learn more about me xoxo have a awesome day oh yeah and im a bad speller
Well my favorite top designers of all time are prada,Roberto cavelli,Alexander McQueen,and Oscar DE la renta , well anyways let start of with prada . Prada........ is one of my favorites because there clothing is always unique elegant and have some kinda art , art in clothing is hot and original ,i love how they use very weird cuts and textures but at the same time makes it look trendy and elegant and hot
Robert cavelli .......... he is in my top list why because many dresses that he makes are very beautiful with all kinds of shapes, textures and a very feminim touch to it , i love how he makes dresses so girly and classy with over flowing patterns that make your eyes go i have to have this
Oscar DE la renta ........Wow he has the taste, of what a real women should wear it is elegant and hot his dresses are so romantic and feminim he uses plane colors but adds some kinda pattern with over layering thick coats and overlapping fabrics i love his fall collection better than spring but he has a fantastic taste in fashion
Alexander McQueen ... he is like a Tim Burton in fashion a romantic Victorian high class elegant that only few people could wear ....his clothing and mind are weird and unique this is why i love him ..... i can compare my mind to his and Tim Burton because we share this dark romantic feeling in the way we express are self anyways i love his collection because they are like watching girls walk in costumes made out of the richest fabrics with the crasiest patterns anyways he is awesome
this  painting above was a beautiful art peac angel drew for me it inspired me to show a pale beach feeling with a half unicorn half zebra looking thing the meaning of this picture is that women are beautiful and men should be the ones getting put on chek because they work hard to look amazing i see women as beautiful cratures and i decided all of them to be blonde because i love blonde girls and yeah thats it
mens fashion wel lets get started my # 1 designer for men fashion is Ralph lauren oh my god evrything he does is so elegant nice and like hardcore fashinable i love the colors and patterns he uses , his look is always fresh and outstanding,
Dolce and gobbana is my seconde favorite fashion for men its very hot and trendy they always come out with something new  that will always look hot for men , ,
Tom ford  collections always have awesome colors you can never go wrong with tom ford and last but not least prada  , i like pradas collection for guys because its weird and diffrent with all these bright colors and mixing stripes and its just wonderful
This picture is me in a awesome chair im a king of women i give them evrything because there husbands treated them like shit so they all sit near me and relaz under the hunted woods with awesome chandaliers hanging down from the branches lol another awesome painting done by angel and another awesome picture created in the mind of me
I'm tired of minimalism," Prada said before her show. "I asked myself, 'How can I do minimal Baroque?'" Her answer? Simple shapes, explosive color and multiple patterns including the aforementioned monkeys and — what else — bananas by the bushel. Underscoring her audacity, Prada didn't only wear plastic banana earrings for her curtain call, she — she of the remarkable vintage fine-jewelry-tiaras-included collection — claimed to now "only love plastic ones." Prada also loves seemingly plain-cut clothes such as a round-shouldered, stiff T-and-skirt combo; a curvy flight attendant suit; a slipdress. Only they came, respectively, in the previously noted pattern play, paired with a giant striped sombrero, and cut in a newly loosened shape.

Along with the sombreros and flora-fauna prints, a pair of dresses with Carmen Miranda silhouettes heightened the suggestion of south-of-the-border festiveness. But the clothes were plenty urbane, too. In fact, the more cautious among Prada devotees will find plenty of chic black looks from which to choose.

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